How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

Love is a wonderful thing and if you ever been in love, you already know how beautiful it can be. You know how it works, you meet that perfect man and he indicates his interest in you. You resist his advances for a while then you give in and the romance begins. You are perfectly happy with the relationship but down the line, cracks begin to appear. You try your best to make the relationship work but things do not quite go your way. Eventually, both parties go their separate ways but this is not the end of the story. You still love your man and you want him back. You are a beautiful woman and you can get your ex back if you follow the steps above. Log on to, read 67 Steps or simply Google Tai Lopez for more information on this topic. Get your ex back and enjoy a new beginning. Below are some strategies you can adapt to get back your ex.

Make that Call
Okay, you have not spoken to your former love interest for a while but this does not mean you are now strangers to each other. Maybe you just saw some recent activity of your ex online this brought back memories. You want to make that tentative move but you do not want to end up with eggs on your face. You have nothing to worry about here. Just make that call and do that today. This is your opening gambit and it is a smart move. Just discuss safe topics like work, career, mutual friends and the weather. After this opening gambit, you can move to the next step.

Send a Text
After the telephone conversation, you should send an innocent text message thanking your ex for a very interesting conversation. The great thing about texting is that it is an instant communication method. You send a text, your ex gets it and replies immediately you send another text and the instant communication process continues. If your ex is still interested in you, you can tell from the tone of his text messages to you. Keep communication lines open and you have a brighter chance of getting back together with your ex.

Hook Up On Social Media
So far, the signs are good. You have opened communication lines with your ex and it is clear the attraction is still there on both sides. Chat on your favorite social media websites and test the waters some more. It is clear that your ex does not have another serious relationship so your chances are great. The next step is the big one because you are about to take the plunge.

Involve a Trusted Third Party
Your ex does not live somewhere in outer space. He has friends and colleagues and you know most of them. This is the time to involve a trusted third party in this interesting game. Choose someone with tact and discretion and confide in him or her. The person you select for this delicate assignment must be a mutual friend that knows close you were to your ex when the relationship was going well. Confide in this person and make it clear that both of you (you and your ex) are working on getting back together again. The duty of this third party is to carry out a discreet investigation and give you authentic information on the mindset of your ex. Once you receive positive feedback, the deal is almost done.

Take the Plunge
Invite your ex for a dinner date but do not host the dinner in your house. Do not go to any of the places you used to visit with him in the past. Choose a new place where you can get good food, soft music, and an excellent ambiance. Have fun but do not go overboard. Remember, this is a dinner date so enjoy the food and drinks and talk to each other. At this point, there is no need for postmortems. Do not discuss the things that went wrong in the past. Just concentrate on the present and you will be fine.

His Move
Now, you have made all your moves so it is his turn to start chasing you. Unless he is blind and deaf and dumb, your ex will make his move. If he invites you to his house, do not go. Tell him you prefer that you meet elsewhere. After all, you are a dignified woman and you have your pride. You do not want to appear desperate so meet elsewhere and take things from there. From this point, things are going to move pretty fast. After the long break in the relationship, you both know what you have been missing. Sometimes, a break is what you need to get the spice back into the relationship.


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